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Mom Yana and dad Sven run Babilo baby spa and children's store

Welcome to Babilo, your one-stop shop for all things baby! To learn more about the idea behind our business baby, or get to know us—Yana and Sven, power couple and devoted parents— read on! 

From small, local newborn spa...

When our first son, Noah, was born, we received a gift certificate for a baby spa. What? We had no idea what to expect! We were a bit nervous to see how he would react to a splash session. Any doubts were soon dispelled, as he loved the warm water, the lights, and our presence and hugs. It was incredible!

During the quality time that we experienced as a brand new family, the idea arose to start a baby spa in our beloved Tervuren. We love parenthood, but as we embarked on our business adventure, it quickly became clear that we are also born entrepreneurs. Yana delved into the world of baby massage, while Sven rolled up his sleeves to remodel and furnish the business. In 2018, we proudly welcomed our third child into the world: Babilo baby spa. A warm and inviting wellness centre where babies and parents can enjoy pure relaxation in and out of the water, respectively.

"We are in the middle of parenthood. Our boys are not the best sleepers, unfortunately. We know better than anyone how tough the journey can be, and that makes us the ideal duo to advise or treat parents." - Yana, Power mommy & Babilo founder

... to baby & mommy wellness centre meets kids’ concept store!

A second son and at least as many COVID waves later, our little baby spa has evolved into a fantastic all-in concept. It's crazy what we have accomplished in such a short time! Our baby spa corner welcomes little ones for water habituation and massages. Our wellness area treats current and future moms to a salubrious massage from a warm set of hands. Our kids’ concept store offers everything for kids from 0 to 4 years old. We are completely in our element when guiding moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, godparents, friends and colleagues to relaxing experiences and great gadgets. We are grateful for what we do today, but we wouldn't be Yana and Sven if we weren't continuously searching for the best service and the finest offerings. A webshop that allows you to shop while lazing on the couch (haha, not likely as a parent!) is just one of the examples that will make your family life easier, cosier, greater and trendier. Team Babilo is always up for more happiness!

"Sleeping bags, buggies, toys and more—I know our products inside out. Our personal advice sets us apart from the large children's stores. As parents, we also know all the must-haves and the nice-to-haves." - Sven Happy daddy & Babilo founder

Meet and greet the family!


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