Babilo is a baby wellness, proposing relaxing activities to promote your baby’s development and to strengthen the bond between parents and their children.

Studies have shown that swimming has a positive effect on the development of babies. Unfortunately, public swimming pools are not suitable for babies younger than 1 year old, due to the cold temperature and the use of chlorine. Babilo offers a solution with hydrotherapy sessions in a fully adapted environment for babies.

The impact of having a baby on your life is not to be underestimated. Nights are shorter, you spend all your time with your son or daughter, and your social life changes. We encourage parents to combine hobbies and leisure activities with their babies. In addition, by organizing workshops, we want to inform parents as to how to nurture their baby safely.

Babilo is an overall concept for everything related to bonding with your baby and babies’ wellbeing. Our range of products, baby spa and wellness, baby massages and workshops help parents and their babies during the first months after birth. We are happy to advise you on our products and services so you and your baby can fully enjoy.


No hard waterjets, too hot water or unhealthy chlorine in our spa. Babilo is safe and healthy for babies from 14 days to six months.


Ecological and hypoallergenic products are safe for babies and good for the environment. All our consultants obtained various certificates.


A relaxing or active session with your baby strengthens your bond and is so much more valuable than material things.

About us

Babilo was founded in 2019 in Tervuren by Yana and Sven.

As new parents we noticed that it was a challenge to spend time consciously with our baby son. The hustle of a new baby was sometimes overwhelming. New parents in our environment told us about the difficulty of finding a balance between education, enjoying to spend time together, and keeping their own hobbies as a parent.

Since babies are sensitive to stress and fuss around them, we wanted to propose a relaxing activity during which parents and babies can relax and unwind. This togetherness reinforces the bond between parent and child.

Through our interest in an ecological way of life and the importance of quality time between parent and child, we came up with the idea of opening a baby wellness in the center of Tervuren. Yana followed several courses to assist (new) moms and dads during baby spa sessions and baby massages. Our spa is designed as environmentally friendly as possible, using sustainable materials such as bamboo towels and hypoallergenic products. It’s good for the environment and extremely safe for newborns.