Baby spa

Splashy spa and magical massages for babies

Welcome to Babilo, a baby spa in Tervuren for little ducklings from 14 days to 7 months old. We offer the little ones ultimate fun with safe hydrotherapy and tender baby massages.

From enthusiastic splashing to gentle massaging

Babilo is a baby-sized spa. We have three small, chlorine-free pools where babies can safely splash around with a flotation ring. The water, the temperature (+/- 36°C) and the sense of floating immediately catapult them back to that fantastic time in mom's tummy.

The fun doesn't end there! After playing in the water, cover your swimming champion in soft textiles and mild, moisturising massage oil (sweet almond oil) during a well-deserved baby massage. Team Babilo gives a demonstration in our cosy massage corner, after which you treat your darling with a tender baby massage. The tips we provide can also be put to use at home. Yay!

Preparation is half the battle

The baby spa was a well-kept secret until a few years ago, but today, we all know how much babies enjoy it. The following tips will help you make it an even greater success.

  • Full stomach: make sure your baby does not come to the baby spa hungry, because swimming requires a lot of strength. Give your baby something to eat at home or at Babilo before the session begins.
  • Well-rested: try to arrive with charged batteries and do not schedule the session at bedtime. Rested babies benefit more from a water workout. By the way, we follow your baby's rhythm during hydrotherapy. Some are out for the count after 15 minutes, while others happily splash about for up to 25 minutes.

TIP | For more practical information about our baby spa and baby massages, check out our frequently asked questions.

Why a baby spa? The benefits of a baby spa

The more often your baby comes to bathe, kick and float, the greater the benefits on their mental and physical well-being.

  • Alleviate physical discomfort: Hydrotherapy and baby massage have a positive effect on reflux, flatulence, cramps or constipation, making babies feel more comfortable and happier. Children with medical complaints can enjoy a stress-free environment in the water.
  • Encourage physical movement and growth: water provides gentle resistance when moving or kicking. This type of light physical activity is good for the circulatory system, appetite and digestion, and increases musculoskeletal strength. Water habituation also stimulates swimming reflexes, resulting in good coordination.
  • Promote sleep: after effort comes relaxation! Most babies enjoy a wonderfully deep sleep after a visit to the baby spa. Multiple sessions can even improve sleep patterns.
  • Stimulate emotional development: the mix of light, bubbles and stimuli enhances cognitive and neurological development, boosting babies' self-confidence and perception.
  • Increase security and quality time: if only you could hit pause—they grow up so fast! A baby spa guarantees quality family time. You will get to know and understand your child's behavior and signals better. Relaxing, observing, communicating; these are intimate contact moments that lay a wonderful foundation for your long-term bond.

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