A moment of relaxation for parents and children in a peaceful and secure environment

Our baby spa focuses on offering a relaxing experience for babies aged 14 days up to 6 months old. Babilo’s baby spa provides a baby-friendly and peaceful environment with hydrotherapy sessions during which relaxation, security and the bond between baby and parent are key. Your baby floats under your supervision in a safe floating ring in an adapted baby bath tub. Small lights and bubbles stimulate your child physically and sensorially, and we adapt them to the age and individual sensation of each baby.

While floating in warm water with the proximity of mom or dad, babies feel ‘home’ again, safe and secure, just like in the amniotic fluid of the womb.

After bath, an infant massage creates a moment of real connection between you and your baby. We demonstrate on a baby doll which movements are favored by babies at which age. This way you can massage your baby yourself and use the exercises at home to pamper your baby. The combination of relaxation and gentle body rubs strengthens the intimate bonding between parents and their baby. It helps your baby to unwind, reducing stress and small physical discomforts.

Joke Muyldermans, Midwife – lactation specialist.
The importance of contact and touches in the first year of a child are invaluable. Skin-on-skin after birth is strongly recommended, even more so. Both smell and encouraging vocal sounds have an extra positive effect on the bond with your child.
Bianca Van der Linden, Licentiate physiotherapy (specialisation in maternity care) en yoga teacher.
Moving, playing and relaxing with your baby ensure a better non-verbal communication. Your child gets to know his body, which results in being able at a later age to estimate well its potential and boundaries, and properly developing its self-confidence.

Benefits of a baby spa for health and well being

Just like adults, babies enjoy the ultimate freedom of movement and the pleasant warmth of a soothing swim in the water. Being in contact with one or both parents sitting next to the bath tub, strengthens the bond and reassures the baby. Ultimate relaxation can have a positive effect on the mental and physical wellbeing of your baby.

Soothing physical discomforts

Both hydrotherapy sessions in the baby spa and baby massages can have a positive effect on reflux, wind, colic and constipation. Babies feel much happier and more comfortable without those annoying or painful inconveniences. Children with medical problems will enjoy being in a stress-free environment.

Physical movement and growth

The gentle resistance of the water enables your baby to kick around and move. This light physical effort is beneficial for the vascular system, appetite and digestion of your child. Both muscles and bones get stronger. After the baby spa, your infant will go to sleep deeply, and multiple sessions can even improve your baby’s sleep pattern. Join our weekly evening sessions and help your baby to relax before going to bed.

Stimulate emotional development

The combination of light, bubbles and stimuli promotes the cognitive and neurological development of babies. Your baby’s self-confidence and sensation improve. By getting used to water at an early age, children improve their swimming reflexes and develop a good sense of coordination.

Security and interaction

This cherishable moment with your baby is a way to schedule quality time and to learn and understand even better the behavior and signals of your little one. The interaction, relaxation, observation and communication between parent and child provide an intimate moment of contact that is essential for the rest of your baby’s life.

Adapted baby bath tubs for a baby friendly experience

Babies are constantly growing and developing and have therefore other needs than adults. That is why it is not recommended to take your child to a ‘regular’ spa for adults. Our baby spa strongly focuses on safety, health and an enjoyable age-adapted experience.


We deliberately do not use chlorine in our baby spa. Babies less than 12 months old are more susceptible to infections, hyperactive mucous membranes or immature lungs, which can be highly impacted by chlorine for infants at that age.


Soft bubbles offer a nice sensorial experience and are ideal in stimulating babies. Regular jets such as in a typical jacuzzi are often too hard and unpleasant for babies, possibly causing skin irritations.

Hydrotherapy in combination with baby massage

Relaxing and soothing movements improve bonding between parents and their child, and help your child to relax. The combination of massage and baby spa is not only relaxing but also helps your baby in:

  • stimulating the vascular and digestive system
  • a better sleep pattern
  • reinforcing the feeling of security