Safe and relaxing infant massages to connect parents and their baby

Pampering your baby with a massage in a safe and relaxing way reinforces the bond between parent and child and is beneficial to the health of your baby. Dads too enjoy infant massage whilst getting to know their baby better. They cherish the time spent together and being in close contact helps in creating a bond and boosts confidence.

During a baby massage session at Babilo, we demonstrate the best techniques for babies on a baby doll, while you can massage your own baby. This way, we encourage you to learn massaging yourself so you can incorporate it into the daily care of your baby. We give you a lot of helpful tips for babies with colic and constipation. After the massage, the moment of connection and relaxation continues while your baby enjoys a relaxing baby spa session.

Joke Muyldermans, Midwife – lactation expert.
The importance of contact and touch in a child's first year of life are invaluable. It is for good reason that skin-on-skin is strongly recommended after birth. Scent and encouraging voices also have a positive effect on the bond with your child.
Bianca Van der Linden, licentiate physiotherapy (specialization in maternity care) and yoga teacher.
Moving, playing and relaxing together with your baby ensures better non-verbal communication. Your child will get to know his / her body. At a later age, this ensures a good assessment of his / her possibilities and limits and for a good development of self-confidence.

Benefits for parent and child

Touching your child is essential during the first months of its life to create attachment. Nurturing your baby makes the baby feel safe and helps to enhance growth and reduce medical discomforts. You also feel you are spending precious time with your baby when you are cuddling, having eye contact and speaking soft words.

Growth, development and appetite

Baby massage enables stimulation of the muscles and blood circulation, supporting your baby’s development and growth. It helps to soothe colic and constipation and improves digestion which will help to increase your baby’s appetite.

Better sleep quality

When you regularly help your child to relax through massage and baby spa, you can help improve its sleeping pattern. A good night’s rest helps children to improve their attention, working memory and regulating emotions.

Gentle touches and happiness hormones

Your baby gets familiarized with the body rubs and feels safe during the baby massage. Gentle touches, familiarity, smells and encouraging voices during the first weeks and months help your baby to develop healthily and consciously. Stress hormones decrease and happiness hormones are released (such as dopamine and endorphins) allowing your baby’s health and immune system to improve.

Stimulates the relationship in case of a postnatal depression

Women with a postnatal depression who experience anxiety when taking care of their babies, are taught step by step how to handle their little ones. We show you how to gently pamper your baby and strengthen your connection with your baby.

Pregnancy massage

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life.

Massage provides some special attention and sensation during this period. Future moms can enjoy a relaxing massage to create peace during the pregnancy.

Massage has a relaxing effect which reduces muscle tension, stimulates both mom’s and baby’s blood circulation, deepens the breath and puts the mind at ease.

When is the best moment for a massage?

Before making a reservation for a pregnancy massage, you must have clearance from your gynecologist, so we can adapt our massage to your body and to the phase of your pregnancy.

  • 1sttrimester: in the first period we do not massage yet because conception has just taken place and the embryo is still very delicate.
  • 2ndtrimester: the embryo has sufficiently developed in order to allow mom to be treated and get relaxed thanks to gentle rubs.
  • 3rdtrimester: a pregnancy massage can improve sleep and relieve discomforts such as back aches and pelvic pain.

To guarantee the health of mom and baby, we do not massage when you are feeling nauseous or exhausted, or if you have a fever.


After pregnancy, your body needs about 9 months to unwind. A postnatal massage can help you relax during this period and help your body recover better.

Postnatal massage is a relaxing body massage where extra attention is paid to the pelvis and back. You can start from 6 weeks after giving birth until as long as you feel the need.