Hooray! A baby on the way!

Whether it is a first, second, third, … baby, there is a lot involved in pregnancy. At Babilo we help you on your way with personal and practical advice while compiling your birth list. Sometimes you may get the feeling that you are inundated with lots of products for your future sprout. But what do you really need?

We have selected a nice assortment of must-haves, prams and fun gadgets for you to create a personal birth list together with you. At Babilo we take our time to introduce you to the world of baby articles and advise you where necessary.


Birth list at Babilo

You can compile a birth list by appointment in our shop from Wednesday to Saturday or via videocall. You can reach us on 02/449.25.53 or via info@babilo.be. If you come to set a date in the shop, you can take a look and get to know our wide range of baby articles. Or take a look at our webshop.

Practical and personal advice

Composing a birth list at Babilo can be done about 3 to 4 months before the probable date of birth. It is best to allow 2-3 hours to compile a birth list. If you are pregnant with your first child, we will guide you step by step through a handy checklist and give extra explanation where necessary. You can count on honest advice and a personal approach.

10% gift at the end of your list

If the purchase amount of your list is at least €750, you are entitled to a voucher of 10% of the total amount purchased. This voucher is valid for 1 year. You will not receive the 10% if you decide not to purchase an item with a purchase obligation when you close your list.

Personalize and customize your list

With a personal username and password you can easily follow up the birth list yourself. You can personalize the list with photos and a guestbook. If changes are necessary or if you would like to add something, you can easily let us know and we will take care of everything. By adding favorite articles on your birth list, friends and family know what you would like most, or which things you can use quickly! More expensive articles can be split up into smaller amounts.

Gift vouchers

In order for everyone to buy a gift to their own budget, you can put gift vouchers on your list. You can use these vouchers to buy larger items. Since we are also a baby wellness, it is also possible to add a gift voucher for the baby spa to your list. You can choose between individual sessions or a subscription. Nice to spend some quality time with your little one after the birth.


Mandatory items are usually seasonal items such as clothing, or a product that has been specially ordered for you.

When you close your birth list, we check which items have not been sold. You are not obliged to purchase these items yourself, unless it is a ‘compulsory item’. This is because we do not offer the full range of our suppliers in our shop. It is therefore possible to ask if we can order something that is not in our range. Once this article has been ordered from us it can no longer be removed.



Good preparation is worth its weight in gold. To help you, we provide you with a handy checklist and an overview of the brands we offer. Jump in beforehand or send an e-mail for information about the larger articles such as prams, children’s room, car seat, …


No, for large baby items such as pushchairs and dining chairs we are happy to provide some extra information. Have you seen something that you would like to put on your list but can’t find it among our online range? Please contact us to check if this can be ordered