Baby spa

How long does a baby spa session last?

A hydrotherapy session lasts approximately 20 minutes, just like our baby massage. This always depends on the baby’s reaction to the introduction to massage and hydrotherapy. It is possible to stay 1 hour in total to get the baby dressed and possibly feed him/her. Multiple sessions lead to habituation so that your baby can be massaged longer and stay in the bath longer.

From what age can my baby go to the baby spa?

Baby spa sessions are accessible for babies between 14 days and 7 months of age.

What does a baby spa session entail?

Your child floats with his head in a safe floating ring in a pleasantly warm bathtub. Small bubbles and adjusted lights are a great sensory stimulant for the baby. As a parent you supervise and enjoy the intimate moment of relaxation with your child.

How many people are allowed to be present during the baby spa session / baby massage?

To guarantee the peace of your child and the other children, a maximum of two adults are allowed during the baby spa session or the baby massage. One of them has to be a close relative. Since we focus on bonding time, preferably the parents. During the baby spa sessions, a maximum of 2 other babies are present with their parents.

Can I book a private session?

Yes, this is certainly possible. Please contact us for this.

Is the water warm?

Yes, we ensure an agreeable water temperature between 35-37 degrees Celsius.

What is the ideal moment for a baby spa session?

About 30 minutes after a feeding and after a long nap as babies get hungry and sleepy from the session. Parents know the rhythm of their child best and therefore decide for themselves when it is a suitable moment for their baby. The younger you start, the more you can enjoy the benefits of the baby spa and the more habituation there will be with the session for the baby. To offer you and your baby a pleasant night’s sleep, we have evening sessions.

Are parents allowed in the water?

The baby baths are specially adapted for young children and are therefore small and not suitable for adults or older children. Every child has his /her own bath in which he/she can move freely. This ensures optimal comfort.

Do we have to bring swimming diapers?

No. We provide reusable swim diapers which is good for the environment. If you prefer to use your own swimming diaper, this is perfect. We have a wide range of swim diapers in our shop.

Which massage oil is used for the baby massage?

We use sweet almond oil that is 100% natural and very mild on baby’s skin.

Can my baby follow a session during illness?

This depends on what the child has. In case of fever, diarrhea / vomiting and after a vaccination they cannot participate in a session.

Is the floating ring safe?

The floating ring has been specially developed for babies. The floating ring supports the baby’s chin through a slit, so that the neck is not touched by the ring. The weightlessness in the water allows the baby to move around freely.

What should I bring for the spa session?

Bottle feeding (if your baby receives bottle feeding) and a diaper for after the session. We provide swimming diapers, massage oil, towels and breastfeeding space.

Do you use chlorine in the water?

We do not use chlorine in the baby baths because it can be harmful to newborn babies. It is also not recommended by the Superior Health Council because young babies often have immature lungs and are more susceptible to infections. We replace the water after every session and thoroughly clean the bath to ensure good hygiene.

How many sessions do you recommend?

Just like adults who visit a wellness center, the need for relaxation depends on the baby. Some parents prefer weekly sessions, others monthly. Of course you know your child best and know when he or she needs a relaxing session in the baby spa or when your child is more troubled by cramps and discomfort. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of baby spa, we recommend a biweekly session.

How long in advance do I have to be present?

We ask to be present a maximum of 15 minutes in advance to possibly still feed the baby. This way we can calmly finish the previous session.

How much does a baby spa session cost?

See rates.

Gift certificate

How can I purchase a gift voucher?

If you would like to give parents a valuable moment with a gift voucher from babilo, send an email to info@babilo.be with the title “gift voucher”. Be sure to include the following topics in the mail:

1. Which gift voucher do you want to purchase? For a gift voucher with a chosen amount, please state the amount.

2. Do you want us to email the voucher digitally or do you want a nice gift box that can be picked up in our shop.

3. Details of the sender and recipient of the gift voucher.

Gift vouchers with a chosen amount can be exchanged for services from the baby spa, baby wellness and items from the shop. There are no discounts or other promotions on gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year.

How can I exchange a gift voucher?

You can easily make an appointment via our booking tool which you can find on our website under ‘make an appointment’. Don’t forget to fill in the number of your gift voucher in the field provided. Book here

Gift vouchers for the shop can be exchanged for a purchase in the shop. You can use this gift voucher several times until the amount to be used up has been used up. There are no discounts or other promotions on gift vouchers.

Which gift vouchers are available?

You can choose which gift voucher you want to give: one or more baby spa sessions, pregnancy and postnatal massages or an amount of your choice.


Where can I park?

Shopping streets: Paid parking, the first 30 minutes of which are free (with parking ticket). The maximum parking time is limited to 2:15. The paying regime (1 euro per 30-minute) applies from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. The shopping streets includes Brusselsesteenweg, Leuvensesteenweg, Markt, Kerkstraat and Hoornzeelstraat.

Underground parking: Markt 7B (at 180 meters walking distance). Paid parking, of which the first 30 minutes are free. Paying regime (1 euro per 30-minute bracket / daily rate 4 euros / night rate 2 euros).

Blue zone: in the other surrounding streets you can park between 9 am and 6 pm for a maximum of 2 hours with the blue disk. You can park for free outside these hours.

Can we take photos or videos?

Certainly, but we ask to limit this. We encourage parents to enjoy the moment itself. This can also disturb the moment between other parents and their baby. We want to keep in mind the purpose of the baby spa, such as contact between parent and child and relaxation. It is forbidden to take photos and videos of other children. We ask you to put your mobile phone in silent mode.

Is your staff certified?

All our staff, both for the supervision of the baby spa sessions and the baby massage, have undergone extensive training to deal with children correctly. Our workshops are regularly given by external consultants who are specialized in their field. For the workshop given by internal staff, the necessary training was followed.

How can I pay?

You can pay cash or by Credit Card, visa or MasterCard.

Cancellation / no show

You can cancel or move the session 48 hours in advance via the website. With a late cancellation, no vouchers or refunds are made. We understand that mommy or baby can be sick or there are other reasons, but this means that others cannot take this place.

no show: no vouchers or refunds

Do I have to make an appointment and how do I make an appointment?

You can book online via our booking tool, by mail, telephone or visit us. Choose the date and time that suits you best and you immediately know whether this time slot is still available.


How often can I get a massage (with pregnancy massage)?

Some women attend the second trimester every four to six weeks. From the third trimester it may be necessary to get a massage every two weeks.

Which massage oil do you use for pregnancy massage?

We use sweet almond oil because it is 100% natural. Sweet almond oil is mild for the skin and is a good treatment for dry skin, eczema or acne.

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