Give new parents some quality time as a gift. Do you always find it difficult to find a suitable gift in the store?

You are always in the right place with the babilo gift voucher. Give a new family a valuable moment thanks to a session in the baby spa.

Hydrotherapy en baby massage (1 session)


Pregnancy massage (60min)


Hydrotherapy en baby massage (4 sessions)


Pregnancy massage (3 sessions)


Gift voucher amount of your choice



If you would like to give parents valuable moment with a gift voucher from babilo, send an email to with the title ‘gift voucher’.
How to purchase a gift voucher?

Be sure to include the following topics in the mail:

  1. Which gift voucher do you want to purchase? For a gift voucher with the chosen amount, please state the amount.
  2. Do you want us to email the voucher digitally or do you want a nice gift box that can be picked up in our shop.
  3. Details of the sender and recipient of the gift voucher

Gift vouchers with a chosen amount can be exchanged for services from the baby spa, baby wellness and items from the shop. There are no discounts or other promotions on gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year.

How to exchange a gift voucher?

  1. Activate your voucher by mail:
  2. Send your name, first name and barcode (12 digits at the back of the card)
  3. State the date and time when you want to visit
  4. Bring your gift voucher with you during your appointment

Gift vouchers for the shop can be exchanged for a purchase in the shop. You can use this gift voucher several times until the amount has been used up. There are no discounts or other promotions on gift vouchers.

ba⋅by -(n) a little bit of heaven sent down to earth.