Prenatal & postnatal massage

Prenatal and postnatal massages, maximum mommy me-time

Welcome to Babilo's cosy massage corner in Tervuren! The relaxing ambient music is playing, the lights are dimmed and nothing is expected of you as long as you are on our soft massage table.

Prenatal massages: a little more time to enjoy the peace

You will soon be welcoming a new little treasure into your life, and that can cause the wheels in your head to work at full speed. If you would like to take a moment to enjoy the calm before the storm, to have your pregnant body pampered from head to toe by a pair of soft, warm hands, book a relaxing body massage and give yourself a chance to become completely zen. Relax to the max!

Every pregnancy is different, but there is no question that your body is going through a tremendous change. You go girl! Unsurprisingly, you may experience a sore back, heavy legs or swollen feet. Stop by for a prenatal massage. Be sure to let us know if you are experiencing any ailments. Babilo is happy to cater to your personal needs with soothing massages during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. By the way, there’s nothing to worry about—all our products are 100% preggo proof.

Prenatal massages: rediscover the peace

Whether you are a brand new mom or have been parenting for years, a relaxation massage takes you out of the daily rush and transports you to an idyllic place far away. Deafening silence or a pleasant chat; feather-light touches or firm pressure; you decide, because a postnatal massage is your moment.

TIP | Babilo offers a gentle subscription package for three massage sessions. Want to combine prenatal and postnatal me-time? No problem! Book your massages when it suits you.

Gift tip with a high zen factor

Your sister, bestie, or co-worker is at the beginning of a wild ride as a new mommy or has been giving parenthood her all for years already. That deserves a sizable gift on Mother's Day, Christmas, her birthday or just for the heck of it. At Babilo, get a voucher for one massage or a discounted subscription for three sessions.

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